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Thinking about the future…

Ideas are like pixels floating in space. With only a few, they look like random dots on a thousand mile canvas. But with the right lens these ideas can form recognizable patterns, turning random dots into clear visions of what’s coming next.

The clarity with which you can see into the future is directly related to the number of idea fragments you are able arrange on your framework for crafting virtual sculptures.

Once an idea reaches critical mass, that’s when the fun really begins. Idea pixels, properly arranged, create a working three-dimensional model of the world to come, along with a road map for both businesses and personal strategies.



“Those with the clearest vision of the future will naturally rise to the top, becoming critical influencers, industry leaders, and the voice of authority.”



The Goal

Generating ideas

Your organization is a constantly churning source of ideas and energy, growing brighter every day. We've discovered unusual techniques for pushing people far beyond conventional thinking. Our goal is to leverage talent both inside and outside your organization, and start the generator that will harvest the sparks of innovation within your company.


Innovation as a discipline...

Like any other important business function (marketing, strategy, finance, etc.) there is a need for a commonly shared language, framework and set of tools to make it a living breathing entity. With an organization’s commitment, it can be learned, practiced and strengthened over time so that it becomes part of you company’s DNA and ultimate success.

The Blue Ocean Futures Process

Our Strategy

No, it’s not just about lightning bolts coming from space, it ends up being a very well-conceived process that your people will be quick to embrace. Catalytic innovation occurs when different types of people, ideas, perspectives, and insights collide and mix in new ways. The Vizionarium Blue Ocean Futures process serves as a creative catalyst for stimulating interactions between the internal and external thought leaders. We also assist in filling other crucial roles for a successful outcome: the review team, innovation champions, and subject matter experts. REMEMBER: The DaVinci Institute has access to a broad cross-section of luminaries and experts throughout the world who specialize in far reaching knowledge and subject matters.

Join the Vizionarium

The DaVinci Institute's coworking center in Westminster, Colorado prides itself as the central location for Colorado's tech-centric professionals between Denver and Boulder. A place where developers, designers, and creatives can work, collaborate, meet and make their mark. Our coworking facility operates as a catchall work space for those who would otherwise have to commute to either Denver or Boulder to be a part of a coworking community. Our objective is to use our knowledge we've gained as part of our futurist think tank/research center, to develop a functional and affordable co-working space of the future, today.

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What is the value of a new business relationship or a technology contact? At the right time – Invaluable! Be a part of the DaVinci Institute - Join our membership and be introduced to Colorado's most influential professionals and attend our renowned futurist events or expand your technical skills with our hands-on workshops at discounted rates. Our purpose is to inspire people to build a more positive future. Our team of expert futurists, coding bootcamp, professional workshops, and coworking space, are all centered around a very simple idea - CREATING A BETTER FUTURE.

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Meet the people who will unlock your future! Our monthly events focus on one particular aspect of the future where diverse opinions & perspectives are shared regarding the topic at hand, presented in lecture, Q & A, and group discussion formats. Our workshops quickly train professionals in necessary skills to help build their business or career. One of DaVinci Institute's missions has always been to improve our education system and our professional workshops were our first step. Popular subjects include social media marketing, publishing, personal branding, keynote speaking, computer programming, and much more!

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