What is a futurist?

Today’s most influential and effective leaders, strategists, and investors have one common title: they are futurists. Futurists are the critical decision makers of tomorrow, those who are willing to embrace the technology-driven change that is rapidly infusing every industry and profession, nationally as well as globally. The futuristic thinker is not one to stand by and depend on the predictions of others to define their thinking. They understand that if one is to maintain their most competitive edge professionally, they must not rely on the projection of market trends as a basis for industry-related decision making. Instead, they must use the set of skills which are the essential components of the futurist’s toolbox. These specific skills are required to go further, evolve with the changing climate, cultivate creative insights, engage a larger subset, positively disrupt the market and create an interested and growing following in the industry.

American businessman, leader, author and motivator Tony Robbins once said, “Change is inevitable. Progress is optional.” We are all subject to the ever-changing climate of our environment, but whether we choose to take control of our stake in the subsequent unraveling of the inevitable is our own decision. The change-makers and leaders of the future will choose growth. In order to progress, one must be willing to take crucial steps towards personal and professional progress. This has never been more true than it is in today’s market. The greatest indicators of tomorrow’s leaders is found in a willingness to get behind the technology-driven forces of success, to invest in the development of leadership and take steps to advance towards one’s ultimate and maximum potential.

What it takes to become a leader of tomorrow:

This toolbox of skills and strategies containing the secrets of influence and innovation is available to aspiring futurists. These skills are essential to proactive future planning and offer the opportunity to create unique insights that will enable you to carve out your place among the highly sought and powerful few that possess the voice of inspiration. Techniques that lie within, such as backcasting, situational futuring, scenario planning, causal layer analysis, and environmental scanning, as well as watching innovation trends that will disrupt markets, are what great influencers use to drive their success.

Take action:

To think like a futurist does not require the mastery of some theoretical discipline of future-studies. Fortunately, today compelling visionaries Thomas Frey and Michael Cushman share these key techniques in their course, Inside the Mind of a Futurist, designed to deliver and educate those who manage or influence portfolios of technology or companies, across the wide variety of virtually every discipline that stands to gain from futurist thinkers. Thomas Frey has long been regarded as a powerhouse in the world of futurists, a leader and innovator in the business world with experience that has led the start-up of seventeen businesses and served as an advisor for hundreds of others, who currently serves as keynote speaker and renowned author, and is the visionary credited for founding the first of its kind think tank, The DaVinci Institute. Michael Cushman operates as the Director of Vizionarium, the Davinci Institute’s consulting practice, and has the reputation as a leading strategist and consultant in technology innovation, with career insights and experience spanning three continents. His expertise has lent to his position as Senior Fellow of the Davinci Institute for over a decade. Together, they form the team of futurists responsible for the course curriculum that leads the forward-most professionals to the tools for inspiring ground-shaking change.

As part of their course, registrants gain access to the most relevant skills, techniques and strategies found inside the mind of the futurist. To be a leader of tomorrow, to be the force that disrupts the industry, and to develop your own futurist mind, register to become a leader of tomorrow.