Did you take time out to attend the NWAF about time? About 30 people DID attend the Night With A Futurist on 3/5/2012 to find out new advances that can save them time and stress.

Thomas Frey led off the evening with a talk about Circadian Time. His brief proposal of rethinking how we approach our daily life was whimsical and entertaining, provoking a few logistical questions and a number of smiles.

The second speaker, Andrew Novick is an official “time scientist” working at the Time and Frequency Division of National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder. He is also the developer for a new widget for website designers and bloggers that will sync their sites to precisely the right time.

Andrew’s talk reviewed how clocks came into existence, how time is measured, the actual physical elements that are employed to assess accurate time, what an atomic clock is and how most of the inexpensive clock you can purchase in a store are NOT actual atomic clocks, but radio receivers that sync their time with actual atomic clock signals.

Ash Taylor of QLess Systems took the stage next.

Ash Taylor is a Business Development Associate at QLess, Inc., a company whose mission it is to “Eliminate waiting in line.”  QLess has received several awards for its innovative product and was named one of the 28 major trends for 2012 and beyond by famed inventor and futurist Thomas Frey.

 Ash Taylor of QLess Systems explaining how their system works.

QLess Systems in Action by Kelly Leid and Randall Bush

Kelly Leid has over 21 years of broad-based operations management experience, including 15-plus years in senior leadership positions, He has worked across a range of highly visible public, private and nonprofit organizations.

In late September 2011, Kelly was appointed by Denver Mayor Michael Hancock to serve as the City’s Director of Development Services. With a staff of nearly 120, the department facilitates and supports the issuance of over 50,000 residential and commercial permits through the plan review, permitting and inspections process. The department plays a key role in the economic vitality of the City.

Randall Bush is the Regional Manager Colorado Ski & Golf / Boulder Ski Deals / Colorado Ski & Sport.  He has been involved in Retail Operations Management for the last two decades with local and national chains both in the Fashion and Outdoor Industry throughout the upper mid west and mountain west regions of the country.

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