The Wright Brothers helped us soar!You + Me = AWESOME: 4 2-Person Collaborations That Rewrote the Story of the World

We live in a world where getting ahead is made out to be a rat race. The truth is, nobody crosses the finish line alone. These four powerful collaborations rewrote the story of the world as we know it, changing our lives forever… and reminding us that we don’t need to lose our individuality to collaborate. We only have to be willing to let someone else see it…

Larry Page and Sergey Brin brought the world to us… and we never even needed to leave the Snuggie.

From the directions to your Monday morning meeting to what the heck that rash on your hand could be, you probably won’t get far into your day before you need to turn to Google. Before it did it all, Larry Page and Sergey Brin began the would-be Google company solely as a way to experiment with algorithms. Needless to say, the company has since grown into the essential technical giant that it is today and none of us can go far without picking up our phones, clearing our throats and saying, “OK, Google.”

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield make bitter moments sweeter… even breakups… ok, maybe even especially breakups.

Though it is still up for debate, ice cream may never change the world… but it sure makes living in it easier. As they joined together to create something epic, Ben Cohen focused on the textural components of flavors like Rocky Road. Meanwhile, Jerry Greenfield found his purpose in creating a rich, smooth background for marshmallows and chocolate chunks. Together, their unique talents brought us Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, otherwise known as, the vat of unicorn magic that you drown your sorrows in. From getting fired to getting dumped, these guys have helped us all out of some pretty dark places. Hmm… maybe on second thought ice cream CAN change the world.

Paul McCartney and John Lennon join hands and change music forever.

It started as a single song and you already know the one we are talking about… “I wanna hold your haaa-aaan-annnd.” Catchy right? When Lennon and McCartney teamed up, they had no way of knowing what magic they would make together. The sound was brand-new and the vibe was unlike anything the industry had seen before. Perfectly timed for an era when change was happening, wars were breaking out and leaning on friends was more important than ever, Paul and John would take this collaboration and create The Beatles. Long live rock and roll.

The Wright Brothers helped us soar.

If it were not for Wilbur and Orville Wright, you’d still be driving cross-country to visit your grandmother who lives 15 states away… with your siblings. That’s a lot of pit stops, drive thru lunches and painful carpool karaoke with people you normally can’t stand for more than two hours. Thanks to the Wright Brothers, we are now able to get where we need to be within hours or minutes, reconnecting when we need to most, supporting family through tough times or just going on an adventure of a lifetime. Without these brothers, we would all still be dreaming from the ground… and trying not to get “Punch-Bugged” from the middle row of the Suburban. Hey – no backfire.

Here at The DaVinci Institute, we believe in the power of collaboration. Like the Wright Brothers, we just fly higher together. When we combine what we know, our unique experiences and our individual talents, we get a return on our hard work that is far greater than anything we could have ever created alone. Here’s to the power of two. Together, we can do anything.  

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