The DaVinci Institute provides professional co-work space for innovative business entrepreneurs
The DaVinci Institute provides professional co-work space for innovative business entrepreneurs

Founded in 1997 by award-winning IBM engineer Thomas Frey, the DaVinci Institute provides professional co-work space for innovative business entrepreneurs. In addition, the Institute is the home of prominent thought leaders who design and develop applications for evolving technological advances. But did you also know that the DaVinci Institute is the home of the DaVinci Tech Academy — a first-of-its-kind, leading-edge learning laboratory?

The DaVinci Institute

The DaVinci Institute is a think tank of over 150 scientists, engineers, innovators and futurists who work together to understand the disruptive influence of today’s technological innovations. As thought leaders in identifying emerging social and technological trends, their goal is to remain on the cutting edge of those applications in the future.

Futurist Thomas Frey

Thomas Frey is one of the leading experts on the international speaking circuit today who examines the role of innovative technologies in constructing the architectures of our future. He appears on TED talks and has been interviewed by the Denver Post, the New York Times, the Huffington Post, USA Today, US News and World Report, Times of India, Rocky Mountain News, and many other media sources.  

As a futurist, Thomas Frey is among a group of thinkers, engineers, scientists and sociologists that systematically explore where technological advances are leading society. He works from the assumption that the future creates the present. Articulating the future as a dynamic organism in and of itself, Thomas  emphasizes that the way in which we focus our energies today must be aligned with the needs and desires of the future. His lectures include topics such as the direction in which colleges and universities are headed, the role of robotics and drones in the workforce, 3D printing and its role in consumerism, and much more.

DaVinci Institute co-work space

Another vital area where the DaVinci Institute focuses its efforts is its contribution to available co-work space in the Westminster, Colorado area. Providing office space and meeting rooms for entrepreneurs who would otherwise have to commute to either Boulder or Denver to find comparable accommodations, the Institute gives its members opportunities to network with independent professionals through the use of comfortable break rooms, common spaces and kitchen facilities, and access to the DaVinci Institute’s ongoing events.

What is the DaVinci Tech Academy?

Lastly, the DaVinci Tech Academy is a state-of-the-art learning laboratory within the DaVinci Institute. In a series of 40-hour immersive experiences, the DaVinci Tech Academy offers week-long courses that address how technological innovation impacts every aspect of our lives in the decades to come. Designed both for tech-savvy individuals and business professionals, the goal of these courses is to provide its participants with a solid foundation of key technologies and an understanding of their applications in the future.

Topics include:

  • The Mindset of an Emerging Entrepreneur: Spend a productive week benefitting from the experience of an expert who will share his knowledge of what does and doesn’t work?
  • Storytelling with Sound: Understand the power of music and sound design for use in interactive media, narrative film, or game development, by embracing the concept of telling a story using sound as the medium.
  • Inside the Mind of a Futurist: With this course, enter into the minds of the world’s most recognized visionaries of the future. Examine the future as an expert on technological innovation sees it, describing how today’s disruptive technologies will manifest themselves in their most evolved form.

Other topics include: Sensor Networks, Virtual Reality, The Art of Freelance and Product Prototyping for the Internet of Things.

If you have questions about the DaVinci Institute or would like to enroll in the DaVinci Tech Academy, please contact us.