Welcome to the DaVinci Institute coworking space! If you know anything about the DaVinci institute, you know we’re dedicated to helping people make the most of their time, interests, and natural abilities. That not only applies to the classes we provide at DaVinci Coders but also to our coworking space in Westminster.

Coworking spaces are an amazing alternative to renting office space, and has many advantages that office rental can’t give you. For example:

It Gets You Out Of The House: Some people can work at home. They can get a solid eight hours a day in and never get distracted by their environment. Others of us are less lucky…we’re distracted by laundry to do, dishes to wash, Playstations to be played! When you work in a coworking space like ours, it gets you out of the house so that you can’t go look for something to distract you from work.

It’s Cheaper Than Regular Office Space For Rent: Office space is expensive, and as Denver and Boulder continue to grow, office space in both cities and everywhere in between is getting more and more expensive. Startups and entrepreneurs are getting squeezed out and can’t afford small office space for rent. What’s someone on a limited budget to do? Coworking! Stop by for a tour and you’ll be able to see everything it can offer you. We even have executive suites!

You’re surrounded!: Perhaps the greatest advantage of using a co-working space is that you’re surrounded by some amazingly bright minds and like-minded people who are excited about the work they’re doing. Coders meet designers, writers meet video professionals, sellers meet buyers. It’s like you’re constantly networking and meeting new people who can provide exactly what you’re looking for. Trust us, there’s nothing like it.

So there you have it, three great reasons why using a coworking space can be an amazing benefit. But that’s true of all coworking spaces…what’s so special about the cowork space at DaVinci Coders? Check the next blog to find out!