Concept of the coworking center. Business meeting.

You may have heard of the sweeping trend of professional coworking spaces but are unsure whether it is a viable alternative to the traditional office or if it is a marked improvement over spaces with public Wi-Fi. It turns out that it has significant advantages over both and may very well become the predominant way whole segments of the population spend their work day.

Coworking Spaces Represent the Future of the Workforce

Coworking spaces have an association with the thoroughly modern phenomenon of the “Digital Nomad.” Representing what may be the future of both labor, leisure, and travel, digital nomads work on location-independent endeavors while living a lean lifestyle and hopping across border after border. Hubs for these workers have flourished in places such as Chiang Mai, Thailand, and offer dependable Wi-Fi connections and most of the amenities you could expect in North America.

However, coworking is by no means only a benefit to the international jet-setting crowd. In areas such as New York, NY, Austin, TX, and the Denver-Boulder, CO corridor, that have traditionally been rich with those freelancing in visual arts, writing, and technology, we are seeing coworking spaces grow to such high demand that they cannot always guarantee space.

Coworking spaces are also rapidly gaining traction in metropolitan areas such as Phoenix, AZ, that are steadily orienting themselves towards creative capital after long depending on 9-5 enterprise and all of the monolithic commercial parks that embody it.

This shift in work preferences matches predictions from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As cited in Forbes, the agency projected that by 2020 40% of the American workforce will consist of self-employed individuals, who of course are not bound to any office or designated work location.

Coworking Spaces Lead to Better Work

Of course, simply having the option to work anywhere (such as a shimmering beach, as idealized in so much online stock photography) does not mean that you can actually complete work anywhere. Working at home often leads to an ambiguous work-life balance, and anyone who has ever tried concentrating on complex business deals or pernicious software bugs while sipping cocktails in Tahiti has quickly realized the futility of the affair.

Similarly, trying to grow a business or pay bills while in a crowded public space such as a coffee shop subjects you to countless disruptions, such as music and constant customer traffic. In extreme cases you could end up in a situation where it would be more lucrative to work on the other side of the shop counter.

Coworking spaces offer an alternative to the stifling confines of a corporate office but still allow you to feel that you are at work, allowing you to perform at your highest level. Countless respected sources have endorsed coworking as the optimal arrangement for knowledge professionals, including the Harvard Business Review. HBR has noted several distinct factors that impel people to thrive within coworking spaces:

  • People working within a coworking space will view their work as being more meaningful, leading to stronger intrinsic motivation.
  • The lack of the need to adapt to a “corporate persona” and absence of office politics lightens a person’s cognitive load and allows them to focus more closely on actions that truly generate value.
  • The ability to control work hours, schedules, and agendas give people a sense of ownership that leads to better work investment and engagement. However, the coworking space, unlike a home office or public lounge, imparts a professional ambience that lends the requisite sense of structure needed for productivity.
  • The community within a coworking space, consisting of compassionate managers and professionals with similar attitudes and aims, allows a person to feel a sense of support that improves their well-being and lifts them up as they pursue their goals.

Coworking at the DaVinci Institute

Speaking of community, that is exactly what you will find at the coworking spaces of the DaVinci Instiitute. With 3,000 square feet of open coworking space, 30 private offices, large classrooms, kitchen amenities, month-to-month terms, and access to visionary guest speakers, DaVinci has become a popular chosen home for creatives, coders, entrepreneurs, and startups in the Denver-Boulder tech hub.

However, we go beyond simply providing space – we are a future-oriented agent on the forefront of high-tech innovation, education, and collaboration. We are passionate about cultivating the next generation of coders, hackers, and creators while giving today’s startups an energetic and supportive place to accelerate towards their goals.