A list of six effective collaboration methods.

6 Methods for Tapping into the Power of Collaboration

Innovation doesn’t evolve in a vacuum. Collaborating with others is an essential way to develop your ideas, your project, and even your business venture. If you are an independent startup working out of your home, you’re missing out on vital opportunities to tap into the power of collaboration.

Work independently in a public work space. This Forbes article cites a Harris Interactive Workplace Productivity study. The national survey finds that 63% of respondents prefer to carry out their work in a private space within a public work environment rather than work out of their homes. In fact, a co-work space provides an environment of productivity with a sense of individual space for entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. The leading co-work spaces are equipped with the latest technologies, conference rooms, and common areas. In a dynamic, functional co-work space, you decide when it’s helpful to bounce your ideas off others, and when you need to work those ideas out yourself.

Network and collaborate. As you come to your personal work space each day, you’ll meet other independent-minded individuals. According to this Entrepreneur article, collaboration with others who do not have a direct stake in your company is part of a successful research plan. Other elements involve idea planning, market research and analysis, and competitive analysis. With the power of collaboration at your fingertips, you’re able to reach out and receive valuable input on any one of these stages.

Take breaks in the common areas. Use the DaVinci Institute’s common areas and kitchen facilities to socialize with others on your breaks. This New York Times article states how taking frequent breaks as opposed to working over long stretches of time without one has been studied and verified. And this Scientific American article describes how corporations — from global leaders to startups — now recognize that taking frequent breaks increases productivity. Lastly, revitalizing your brain over lunch by socializing with other professionals who are not your supervisor or your co-workers is a convenient way to network.

Become a member of organizations in your field. Sign up, both online and offline, with national and international organizations that give you tips on how to stay on the cutting edge of your market. Take part in online professional communities, and participate in local organizations in your area. Learn what the latest apps are for increasing daily productivity, and how your fellow co-work members streamline their workflow. And keep on top of global trends by discussing them with others.

Attend events by globally-recognized thought leaders on disruptive innovation. No matter what your business is about, the advances of technology are affecting it even today. And they have for some time. Disruptive innovation, a theory first coined by Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen in 1997, describes technological advances that interrupt the market, making current technologies and best practices obsolete. To keep up with what others in your field are doing to address disruptive innovation, attend events held by experts on this topic. And by interacting with attendees after the events, you’ll gain a further understanding of the technologies that drive today’s businesses into the future.

Prepare for the future in the present. When you operate out of the DaVinci Institute’s co-work space, you’re not just taking over available office space. You’ll have opportunities to network, exchange ideas, and collaborate with other business professionals who come to the Institute to work, as well as participate in the DaVinci Institute’s ongoing events.

In addition to providing co-work space, The DaVinci Institute offers opportunities for members to attend presentations by globally recognized thought leaders who define the direction of technological innovation.

Tap into the power of collaboration by signing up for a co-work space at the DaVinci Institute. If you have questions about our co-work space, the DaVinci Institute, or anything else, contact Jennifer at jennifer@davinciinstitute.com with your ideas and questions.