We wrote in the last blog about the advantages of using a coworking space. But those are the advantages you can get in any old coworking space…what makes the coworking space at DaVinci institute so special?

The View! Hey Denver…we see your 5280 feet and raise you! The office space we have for rent is at the highest point in the Denver area, and our views are incredible (especially since we’re on the second floor). Other coworking spaces are often in strip malls and have offices that are simply facing the wrong direction or have other buildings in the way, obliterating the inspiring view.

Location: We’ve got a couple of advantages here. Just about everyone in Denver has easy highway access to meet up at our Westminster shared office space. Most of the time they can get here faster than they can if they try to fight traffic through the city, and it’s an excellent central place if you have multiple parties coming from Boulder, Denver, Longmont, Westminster, Thornton, and Broomfield. We’re also right across from the Westminster Park-N-Ride, so there’s very little walking if someone is taking the bus.

Events: We’re dedicated to helping everyone learn, whether they’re here for coworking or as part of DaVinci coders. That’s why we have events that can help your career and your business, such as LinkedIn courses and demos of programming languages.

Working at DaVinci’s coworking space gives distinct advantages to working at home or in traditional office space for rent. Schedule a tour, because we’d love to show you all of our advantages!