The most important skill of the 21stcentury is foresight. We offer game-changing programs to develop yourself and your staff. Want to better predict the inevitable outcome of any trend? Our one-day Foresight Workshop is the solution.  Full-time strategists and innovators love our immersive seminar into the strategic application of futurism. As technologies shift, so do jobs and professions.  Firms and professionals need to proactively align skill development with inevitable opportunities generated by new realities. The solution is future-infused, executive career coaching.

Foresight Workshops: developing your futurist mindset. After only one day, leave knowing how to predict the impact, timing, and value of technical innovations. Envision the future of your startup, market, infrastructure, processes, customer experience, or profession. Use foresight techniques to give yourself anticipatory skills. Apply superior decision-making confidently for yourself and your organization. Attendees are typically non-executive decision makers. [action step]

Michael Cushman, Director of DaVinci Institute Advisory Services

Strategic Futurism Seminars: master and apply disruptive tools, skills, and mindsets. As a leader of innovation or strategy, you thoroughly experience the fusion of futurism and strategy to create new business value.  Understand the powerful, global change underway and related economic consequences. Learn to create epiphanies. Identify risks and opportunities before others. Shape strategic thinking in the areas of investment portfolios, value chains, competitive advantages, market dynamics, utility maps, business models, platforms, products, services, and margins in alignment with future facts.  Create and communicate memorable future visions to mobilize stakeholders.  [action step]

Executive Career Coaching: go from uncertainty and confusion to clarity and confidence. No industry or profession is safe from disruption. Learn foresight skills and together we apply them to your unique interests, experiences, and needs.  Choose your next move in alignment with future facts. Avoid being left behind in a dead-end job, company, profession, or industry. Empower yourself to know what’s coming and to create your own, fulfilling future.