1. What is the DaVinci Tech Academy?

    Founded in 1997 by award-winning IBM engineer Thomas Frey, the DaVinci Institute provides professional co-work space for innovative business entrepreneurs. In addition, the Institute is the home of prominent thought leaders who design and develop applications for evolving technological advances. But did you also know that the DaVinci Institute is the home of the DaVinci Tech Academy -- a first-of-its-kind, leading-edge learning laboratory? The DaVinci Institute The DaVinci Institute is a think tank of over 150 scientists, engineers, innovators and futurists who work together to understand the …Read More

  2. You + Me = AWESOME: 4 2-Person Collaborations That Rewrote the Story of the World

    You + Me = AWESOME: 4 2-Person Collaborations That Rewrote the Story of the World We live in a world where getting ahead is made out to be a rat race. The truth is, nobody crosses the finish line alone. These four powerful collaborations rewrote the story of the world as we know it, changing our lives forever... and reminding us that we don't need to lose our individuality to collaborate. We only have to be willing to let someone else see it... Larry Page and Sergey Brin brought the world to us... and we never even needed to leave the Snuggie. From the directions to your Monday morning meeting…Read More

  3. 6 Methods for Tapping into the Power of Collaboration

    6 Methods for Tapping into the Power of Collaboration Innovation doesn't evolve in a vacuum. Collaborating with others is an essential way to develop your ideas, your project, and even your business venture. If you are an independent startup working out of your home, you're missing out on vital opportunities to tap into the power of collaboration. Work independently in a public work space. This Forbes article cites a Harris Interactive Workplace Productivity study. The national survey finds that 63% of respondents prefer to carry out their work in a private space within a public work environme…Read More

  4. Taking A Close Look at the Startup Scene in Westminster, Colorado

    A Close Look at the Startup Scene in Westminster, Colorado When most people consider startups, the immediate association is that they must be centralized and operate in Silicon Valley. While the Bay Area has been the traditional home of many startups, it seems like companies are now trying to find new homes for their budding ideas. One of the newer locations where startups have found their home is in Westminster, Colorado. Taking a close look at the startup scene in Westminster, Colorado, one thing becomes clear - they are finding their home in Westminster because it really is the best place t…Read More

  5. Explore the Remarkable Benefits of Coworking at the DaVinci Institute

    You may have heard of the sweeping trend of professional coworking spaces but are unsure whether it is a viable alternative to the traditional office or if it is a marked improvement over spaces with public Wi-Fi. It turns out that it has significant advantages over both and may very well become the predominant way whole segments of the population spend their work day. Coworking Spaces Represent the Future of the Workforce Coworking spaces have an association with the thoroughly modern phenomenon of the “Digital Nomad.” Representing what may be the future of both labor, leisure, and travel…Read More

  6. What We Can Offer You That A Typical Office For Rent Can’t

    People come to the DaVinci Institute's coworking space for any number of reasons. Some are looking to get out of the house and work more efficiently, while others are ready to stop working for someone else so that they can pursue their own dreams. It doesn’t matter why they’re here; either way they’ll reap the benefits of a coworking space that a typical office for rent can’t provide. What are these benefits? Glad you asked! Here are three specific tenets of coworking spaces that can help you grow. Collaboration No one does it alone. Even if you’re starting a company and have the gre…Read More

  7. Surprising Reasons People Love Working in Our Shared Office Space

      Some advantages of a shared office space are obvious. You get out of the house and meet a lot of interesting people with similar values. But there are some advantages of working from a coworking space in the Denver area that aren’t so obvious. Here are some great reasons to choose a coworking space over regular office work. Office Politics People are generally happier in a coworking space because they can get away from so much of the office politics that take up time and mental real estate. Because everyone is working for different companies (often their own), there’s no need to complai…Read More

  8. Top 3 Benefits of a Coworking Space In The Denver Area

    Welcome to the DaVinci Institute coworking space! If you know anything about the DaVinci institute, you know we’re dedicated to helping people make the most of their time, interests, and natural abilities. That not only applies to the classes we provide at DaVinci Coders but also to our coworking space in Westminster. Coworking spaces are an amazing alternative to renting office space, and has many advantages that office rental can’t give you. For example: It Gets You Out Of The House: Some people can work at home. They can get a solid eight hours a day in and never get distracted by their…Read More

  9. 3 Benefits Of A Coworking Space At The DaVinci Institute

    We wrote in the last blog about the advantages of using a coworking space. But those are the advantages you can get in any old coworking space...what makes the coworking space at DaVinci institute so special? The View! Hey Denver...we see your 5280 feet and raise you! The office space we have for rent is at the highest point in the Denver area, and our views are incredible (especially since we’re on the second floor). Other coworking spaces are often in strip malls and have offices that are simply facing the wrong direction or have other buildings in the way, obliterating the inspiring view.…Read More

  10. Top 7 Amenities At The DaVinci Institute Coworking Space

    We’ve got some great rates on office space for rent in the Westminster and Denver areas, but you might be wondering if a coworking space is right for you business. Maybe you’re thinking that getting your own office for rent is better, even though it’s probably more expensive. If you’re considering getting your own office space, remember that you not only have the cost of the rent, but often the cost of water and heat and well. And that that’s just the beginning. Take a look at all of the amenities that you’ll get that are included in your rental when you sign up with DaVinci Inst…Read More