The Futurist Speaker

Author • Writer • Visionary

Author of the 2011 book “Communicating with the Future,” Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey is a powerful visionary who is revolutionizing our thinking about the future.

Thomas continually pushes the envelope of understanding as part of the celebrity speaking circuit by creating fascinating images and understandings of the world to come. He has been fortunate enough to headline events along with some of today’s most recognizable figures:

  • Mohammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Winner
  • Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric
  • Mayor Rudy Giulliani, former Mayor of New York City
  • Andrés Pastrana, former President of Colombia
  • Felipe González Márquez, Prime Minister of Spain
  • Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize winning economist
  • Saudi Prince Turki Al-Faisal
  • James Wolfensohn, former World Bank President

As the Executive Director and Senior Futurist at the DaVinci Institute, he works closely works with the Institute’s Senior Fellows and Board of Visionaries to develop original research studies, which enables him to speak on unusual topics, translating trends into unique opportunities.

Due to his efforts in inspiring inventors and other revolutionary thinkers, the Boulder Daily Camera has referred to him as the “Father of Invention” while The Denver Post and Seattle Post Intelligencer have referred to him as the “Dean of Futurists”.


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