Rasch Young - 2010 DaVinci Software Product of the Year Award Winner - Founder of Hybir, Inc.

Rasch Young started hacking on an Apple ][ in 1980. (Hacking is being used in this context as a synonym for exploratory programming.) Rasch never looked back and continues to program almost every day. Rasch worked on hundreds of projects along the way before founding Hybir. The most notable was the NPAC (Number Portability Administration Center). If you have ever made a phone call to a phone in North America you most likely used software Rasch had a hand in writing. Rasch created the Hybir Technology and built the vast majority of the launch version of the Hybir Backup product. He even did some of the artwork. He continues to apologize for that claiming that it does not fit with the “Do Good” philosophy.

Rasch is a dedicated husband and father. He enjoys Skiing, Snowboarding, Surfing and Wind Surfing. He does not enjoy golf, although he plays occasionally. Rasch was born in Minnesota and lives in Colorado.


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