Lisa Cratty - Co-founder of Teagan and Mack, Sew Specialized and Mama Jane’s

Becoming a mother changed Lisa Cratty in a way that she could never have predicted.  Lisa became a lot more in tune with what’s going on in the world today, the effects on our environment and the toxins our children are exposed to.  She decided that it was time to be a part of the solution and was inspired to found Teagan and Mack, an eco-friendly baby clothing line.  Founding Teagan and Mack gave her an intimate understanding of the process that entrepreneurs go through when developing products and taking them to market. 

Sew Specialized, is their design and development company, where they specialize in helping other entrepreneurs bring their concepts to market. 

In January of 2011 Lisa created the concept of Mama Jane’s, an online marketplace for moms with a social environment.  She created this model due to a gap in the market.  The popularity of online shopping diminishes the social connection for moms.  Mama Jane’s is a place where moms can connect and shop while never having to leave the site.  They saw an opportunity to capture an exploding market in a revolutionary way and plan to launch the business in November of 2011.

Lisa currently lives in Louisville, CO and she is grateful everyday for the ability to do what she loves while spending so much more time with her family.

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