Jane Stanfield - Volunteer Vacation Expert

Jane Stanfield has a MS in Animal Science, an immense love of travel and a passion for volunteering.  Living in Colorado since 1983, she worked in the non-profit and governmental sectors for more than 20 years as an administrator and program coordinator.  After completing a class entitled Your Heart’s Desire, based on the book by Sonia Choquette and lead by Peter J. Hughes, her goal was to increase volunteering.  Active as a local and national volunteer on projects such as therapeutic horseback riding, recording for the blind, and part-time actress/choreographer in community theatre, Jane knew it was time to expand her horizons.

Introduced to the concept of volunteer vacations through a class of the same title and articles in various magazines, Jane began to read everything available on the topic.  With no idea of how to fund such an adventure, her background research and fact-finding lead to the knowledge of what this type of adventure would require.  Part way through the planning, Jane received an inheritance and decided to use part of the legacy to make the trip a reality.  Originally, the plan was for a trip of 3-4 months, but with more research, Jane felt an entire year was needed to really explore, volunteer, and vacation.  Her principle goal was to come back with a larger worldview and have an idea of where to focus her energy in the future.

The trip spanned an entire year and with a stuffed toy penguin as company, they visited six continents, 11 countries and completed 12 volunteer placements. She also experienced fantastic vacations at UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Easter Island and Angkor Wat.  Three pairs of shoes, three pieces of luggage, lots of zip lock bags for packing, and a Lonely Planet Book for each country went along. 

Her award winning workbook, Mapping Your Volunteer Vacation, was published in 2009.

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