Dan Scheld - President of N-Science Corporation

Dan Scheld is founder and president of the N-Science Company in Golden, CO.  Prior to the opening of N-Science, Dan had held various positions of with United Engineers, Jade Systems Corp, Hughes Aircraft Co., Martin Marietta, Lockheed Martin, and was co-founder of the Equinox Interscience Inc., also in Golden.

Dan was an Electro-Optics Specialist at Hughes Aircraft Company.  There he was involved in several R&D projects related to what was then called SDI, or Star Wars.  These included the Airborne Optical Adjunct and the Space Surveillance & Tracking Satellite.

While at Martin Marietta/Lockheed Martin, Dan worked in the Payloads, Sensors, & Instruments Group. At PSI, he pushed several new technology initiatives.  These included concepts such as the Launch Fleet Data Transducer, the Optical Ignition Detection System, and several Laser Communication development programs.  Dan was also involved in several Mars Programs.  These included Mars Polar Pathfinder, Mars 98 & 01 Landers. Dan was Program Manager for the Martin Black products.

Dan was Vice President and Director of Engineering at EI.  Being a small business, he also was responsible for business development.  These efforts led to the award of key programs out AFRL and NASA for various Instruments and Components, most notably the Mineral Identification & Composition Analyzer (MICA) for NASA/JPL.  Dan led the Deep Sky Black and Special Projects areas. The Special Projects team generated several novel concepts for future Mars Missions which included the Mars Raptor and the Mother Goose Mars Scout project.

Today, the N-Science family continues this path to development of Space System concepts, design and development of Science Instruments and Components, and is the exclusive provider of the Deep Space Black optical coatings. 

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