Ghost Town .coms of the Future

When today’s data goldmines becomes tomorrow’s data carcasses
In 1859 the tiny community of Tin Cup, Colorado got its first taste of gold fever. A tiny amount of gold was all it took for prospectors to start poking around with hopes of striking it rich. Twenty years later they landed their first major strike and rumors of the find spread across the country.
By 1900, the once insignificant mountain settlement had mushroomed into a bustling gold town with over 2,000 people. But in a short time the mines were exhausted, the people left, and the post office closed its doors in 1918. Today, the only remnants of this once thriving community are a few abandon buildings and a couple signs along the road.

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“The fundamental unit of the new economy
is not the corporation, but the individual.”
- Thomas Malone & Robert Laubacher

Running a solo business in the past meant that you had a one-person practice, most often offering a professional service, well suited for lawyers, accountants, and doctors.  However, a new breed of solo business has emerged that allows people to leverage the power of the Internet and control a vast empire from their home office or wherever they happen to be.  Across the world thousands of people are giving birth to what is being called an “Empire of One”.

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The Last Bastian of Scarcity

When laws of supply and demand are replaced with scarcity and abundance

Science fiction has long dreamed of a post-scarcity society, and it’s become quite common to hear discussions about transitioning from a world of scarcity to a world of abundance. But, for all the good intentions and creative thinking, our limitations, both human and material, will be an ever-present force in society and a very necessary one. The trick is understanding which aspects of society will flow towards abundance and which ones will not.

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The Future of Status: 32 Accomplishments that will Give You the same Influence of a College Degree

Futurist keynote speaker, Thomas Frey researches and explores the future of cool, the future of status symbols and what can be considered the future alternative to the college degree. How can great accomplishments be measured in the future?

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The Future of Philanthropy

Philanthropy has traditionally been the interface between wealth and need. It gives pride to the wealthy, give purpose to those without, and gives hope to the underprivileged.
Philanthropy is power; the power to make a difference, the power to leave a legacy, and everything in between. It is the worthiness of a cause and the worthiness of a struggle that gives nobility to the process, and bestows awe and respect on those in the middle. But for all its well-spun intentions, the process remains hugely inefficient.

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The Future of Automoblile Transportation

Renown keynote futurist speaker, Thomas Frey writes on what the future of transportation, automobiles, and shipping will look like in the future.  Frey is one of the foremost experts and technology futurists of our time.

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The Virtual Country: Six Possible Scenarios for the Creation of Viable Virtual Countries

Futurist keynote speaker, Thomas Frey writes about the concept of virtual countries.  With the rise of Second Life, avatars and 3-D and virtual gaming the idea of creating virtual micro nations seems to be the next logical step. 

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Nation-building is set to become the new extreme sport for the emerging wealthy and creative class

Futurist keynote speaker, Thomas Frey is famous for his predictions on the rise of the Micro Nation. In this article he makes seven bold prognostications about the rise of mirco nations and Thomas Frey considers a hypothetical concept of "Google Island". Will companies become more powerful than some countries?

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