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The DaVinci Institute Membership Experience

Membership in DaVinci Institute is an adventure. Far beyond the patterns of daily living, membership is an adventure into the world of ideas, revolutionary thinkers, and unique connections of time and space. 

100% of the money from DaVinci Institute memberships goes towards producing fantastic events and innovative programming. Countless hours of work each month go into uncovering the remarkable talent, ideas, and people who become part of these events. 

The DaVinci Institute annual Individual Membership is $200.  The value to of this membership is well over $1000, see details below.   Join today!


Why Become a Member?

Membership gives you a unique competitive advantage. This advantage comes in many forms including the “network effect.”  When rubbing shoulders with some of the brightest and most versatile people in the world you will uncover new ideas, and learn lessons from those already living on the cutting edge of technology and business.

What is the value of a new business relationship or a technology contact? At the right time – Invaluable!  In order to find a new relationship or contact, you need to be in the right place at the right time.  Becoming a member of DaVinci Institute helps develop valuable professional and personal relationships with people shaping the future of our business, culture, and technology.  Join today!

Typical Saturday morning Boot Camp!

The DaVinci Institute is a non-profit futurist think tank. Unlike traditional research-based consulting organizations, the DaVinci Institute operates as a working laboratory for the future human experience.  The institute produces a number of unique and forward thinking events including monthly networking events and periodic focus groups:


Setting the stage for a national film crew to work with ET3! 

Value of this $200 Membership 

Free Admission to:

  • Monthly “Night with a Futurist” lectures  ($15 each, $165 annually)
  • Monthly “Startup Junkie Underground” lectures ($15 each, $165 annually)
  • Boot Camps ($69 value each event)   
  • Reduced Bus Tour travel fees*  ($49 for members, $99 for non-members)

Value of over $1000 per year, you pay only $200!!!  Join today! 

For more information, contact Jan Wagner at 303-666-4133 or jan(at)davinciinstitute(dot)com.

* For Boot Camp events requiring bus transportation.