March 18, 2014 - Tuesday

How games are made and why they matter

In the span of a generation, video games have gone from a curiosity to the largest entertainment industry in the world.  In this talk, we'll explore why games have been so successful.  We'll start off looking at what it takes to make a video game.  Next up is game technology and the lessons games have taught us about ourselves.  We'll look at how games are used in learning, business, science, and even medical care.  Finally, we'll look forward to see where games are going, and give you a chance to try out the latest virtual reality and holographic displays.

NOTE: The DaVinci Institute is interested in offering an 11-week course in game development as part of our DaVinci Coders program. This workshop is a first step in assessing the demand in this area. If a course like this would be of interest to you or someone you know, please let us know.

EVENT: Video Games Boot Camp
DATE: March 18, 2014 - Tuesday
TIME: 6:30pm-8:30pm

LOCATION: DaVinci Institute, 511 E. South Boulder Road, Louisville, CO 80027
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COST: $0, Members: Free, SuperMembers: Free

PHONE: 303-666-4133

TOPIC: How games are made and why they matter
SPEAKER: Julien Lynge

SPEAKER: Julien Lynge

Lead Instructor Game Development Course

Julien Lynge is a game developer, programmer, and the founder of indie studio, Grey Hour Games. Julien is a rare talent; a natural in his field, possessing both dynamic skills as an  instructor and a developer. His teaching history involves game design courses at the University of Colorado, and a host of game industry conferences.  He has also made a number of efforts to teach younger students interested in game development through STEM.

Julien started his career as a mechanical engineer, and progressed into software engineering. He found his passion in developing games and teaching when he built simulations for science outreach & education programs.  This sparked a career endeavor to develop games at Grey Hour Games and teach equally passionate developers how to program and design games on a full-time basis.