February 11, 2013 - Monday

Creating a Colony on Mars - The Future of the Space Industry

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What would it be like to raise a family on another planet? When will shipping companies start including "Earth" in the address field of their packages? Who will hit the first 1000-yard golf drive on Mars? Will the first trillionaire make the bulk of her fortune on Earth or elsewhere in the solar system?

Explore these and other future-shaping questions with Brian Enke, a Senior Space Research Analyst at the Southwest Research Institute. Brian has given several space-related DaVinci talks, and now he returns with the latest exciting news on space settlement.

At least four companies or non-profits have developed feasible (and vastly different) business models for sending people to live on other worlds within the next 10-20 years. We will discuss these entities and their plans for opening up the next frontiers for human development. We will also speculate about what these plans mean for the rest of us - and our children. Economics, politics, environmentalism, psychology, energy, medicine, sociology, technology... all subjects and concerns are on the table..

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EVENT: Night with a Futurist
DATE: February 11, 2013 - Monday
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TOPIC: Creating a Colony on Mars - The Future of the Space Industry
SPEAKER: Brian Enke

SPEAKER: Brian Enke

Research Analyst - Department of Space Studies Southwest Research Institute

Brian Enke has studied the solar system as a Senior Research Analyst in the Department of Space Studies at the Southwest Research Institute for over a decade. Previously, he integrated complex systems for nearly two decades at Bell Labs. His primary technical background is in software, robotics, and AI. Brian also writes about space settlement as a mystery/science fiction author. His portfolio includes one full-length novel, several short stories, and over 100 non-fiction articles as the Denver Space Industry Examiner. Brian serves as the local Mars Society chapter contact and advises the MarsDrive Consortium, 4Frontiers Corporation, and Mars-One as a volunteer technical consultant. He also volunteers his time as a software mentor for Nederland High School's successful after-school robotics program