September 14, 2009 - Monday

Change Yourself to Change the World: The Science of Perception with Rennie Davis, Former Member of the Chicago Seven, Chairman of the Foundation for a New Humanity and Alexia Parks, Chris Kauza, Michael Chushman and Joy Milkowski


Mahatma Gandhi once said the person seeking to change the world must first be the change they seek for the world.  Rennie Davis exams this historic philosophy and explores how the world works through the science of perception.  On this evening, you will journey to the world’s new particle collider located outside Geneva in the Swiss Alps where the largest machine on Earth has been built to study the smallest particles in the universe.  This is a science project to understand what happened at the origin of the universe, uncover the nature of this world, and find the ‘god particle’ that makes the empty space of the atom appear dense.  Rennie argues that when the field of particle physics fully uncovers the mystery of the atom, it will be both thrilled and shocked.  To understand the atom is to understand how this world operates on a mirror principle.  No one is doing anything to you.  The ‘god particle’ is not in the atom but in the eye of the beholder.  Your own perception is your ‘god particle.’ 

Rennie Davis makes the compelling case that you are the figment of all your fantasies and the author of the story line you are presently living too.  Your beliefs, truths and feelings form your own residual self image.  How you see others is how you see yourself.  How you see yourself is how you experience your world.   The world is not solid, objective or real but a psychological construct whose origin is yourself.  You live what you fear and enjoy what you love.  In the 60,000 thinks that cross your brain every 24 hours, you will discover the source of all the experiences you are currently living.     


EVENT: Night with a Futurist
DATE: September 14, 2009 - Monday
TIME: 06:30am-09:00am

LOCATION: MADCAP Theater, 10679 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO 80020
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TOPIC: Change Yourself to Change the World: The Science of Perception with Rennie Davis, Former Member of the Chicago Seven, Chairman of the Foundation for a New Humanity and Alexia Parks, Chris Kauza, Michael Chushman and Joy Milkowski
SPEAKERS: Rennie Davis, Joy Milkowski, Alexia Parks, Chris Kauza, Michael Cushman

SPEAKER: Rennie Davis

Former Member of the Chicago Seven – Chairman of Great Turning Solutions

In the 1960s, Rennie Davis was the coordinator of the largest anti-war and civil rights coalition in the United States. He remains a recognized spokesmen for his generation, featured on numerous network television documentaries and media forums, from the Legends series produced by CBS to Larry King Live, Barbara Walters, VH1, CNN and other network programs. His leadership in the socially responsible investment industry has been profiled in the Dow Jones Investment Advisor.

In the 1980s, he was the managing partner for a consulting company with an exclusive clientele of board members and officers of Fortune 500 companies and wealthy private families. His consulting company purchased and developed the 80-acre Greystone estate for the purpose of establishing a unique Colorado technology development center for inventors and scientists. He has supported start-up companies in capital development and taken them public. He has experience in technology deal structures and presented various technology projects to U.S. financial markets. He has also served as a valued consultant to directors and senior management of diverse Fortune 500 companies in executive search, leadership training, financial planning, team building, employee benefit design and executive outplacement. Clients have included the President of HBO, president of the Manville Corporation, officers of Time-Warner and IBM, the board of directors of Gates Rubber Company and people in the Forbes 400 Richest. He was a principal in the organization and development of TSL Incorporated where he secured agreements with Union Carbide. He also organized RBC Universal and served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer where he secured strategic agreements with Ford Motor Company, EverReady Battery Company and Ray-O-Vac.

He has spent his recent years fine-tuning his unique personnel empowerment strategies through hundreds of training workshops and coaching sessions. He currently supports newly organized companies with capital development and business planning. He guides companies that want to create peak performance teams with positive motivated personnel. He develops whole system designs for highly efficient, effective workplaces. He is Chairman of Great Turning Solutions, LLC.

MODERATOR: Joy Milkowski

Founder of Access Marketing Company

Joy Milkowski is the Founder of Access Marketing Company where she specializes in bringing search engine marketing and web marketing intelligence to her clients in a way they can understand and measure. She has over a decade of marketing, sales and professional copywriting experience in a variety of areas including tech, industrial, direct to consumer sales, commercial real estate ventures, professional and collegiate athletics and Internet-based marketing. In addition, Joy trains small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to leverage the power of search engines as an advertising tool to reach their audiences.

PANELIST: Alexia Parks

President of

For more than 30 years, the writing, work, and community service of Alexia Parks has had a focus in the fields of renewable energy, the environment, education, and communications. In 1995, she co-founded – the first electronic democracy website on the Internet - and continues as its president today. At its launch, Newsweek magazine called her “one of 50 people who matter most on the Net.”

In 2007, Alexia was the first accredited blogger for the United Nations conference on climate change in Bali. She is currently a blogger for the Huffington Post, Colorado/Denver edition; and also blogs for

As president of, Alexia Parks has applied her knowledge of communications and the Internet to offer an easy-to-use Online Town Hall. She is marketing this new voting and moderated discussion system to members of Congress so they can reach out to 100% of their constituents.

Alexia Parks is also author of seven books, including her latest:

OM Money Money, A Return to Sacred Money.

PANELIST: Chris Kauza

Vice President of Social Media and Marketing at Fett Marketing

Chris Kauza is Vice President of Social Media and Marketing at Fett Marketing (, a U.S. firm focused on enriching and growing business relationships.  Previously, Chris was was the Vice President for Technology and the Western Regions for ACS, where he led a 600-person organization that had broad responsibilities of aligning IT infrastructure and operations to client-specific business strategies.  Prior to ACS, he was at Sun Microsystems, where he helped grow the Cloud Computing and Managed Services groups domestically and internationally.

Chris' background includes marketing, solution planning and delivery, business growth and management, partnership development and strategic sales.  His industry experience includes:  Telecommunications, Financial Services, Manufacturing, New Media, Entertainment and Gaming, Health Care, Retail, Government and Defense-related sectors.  

His credentials include an ITIL Manager's certification, Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, an MS in Public Policy Analysis from the University of Rochester and an MBA in Marketing from Pepperdine University.

Chris is a Founding Board member of Ubuntu Now (, a non-profit organization that actively promotes the practice and principles of peace and kindness, with direct focus on victims of trauma and violence, creating economic opportunities for marginalized and underprivileged classes, and support for other social causes that provide stability to our world.

PANELIST: Michael Cushman

President of Key Change Institute and a Senior Fellow at the DaVinci Institute

Michael Cushman is a Senior Fellow at the DaVinci Institute who loves helping others create the future.  Over a 30 year career, as an executive, management consultant and thought leader, Michael has proven results in leading operational excellence. Michael's expertise is in human development, advanced learning technologies and techniques, as well as business effectiveness. He specializes in creating award-winning products, successfully introducing profitable technology and process improvements at over 50 companies, including Fortune 500 companies such as Verizon, BT, Revlon, and Chevron.  In his role as an executive, Michael served in leadership positions at several startup companies on their way to market success.

Michael is the President of Key Change Institute.  He often speaks on the future of learning, career management, nonverbal communications, and advanced change techniques. He is a sought out expert and has appeared as a spokesperson on local and national TV.

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