May 5, 2008 - Monday

"The Future of Virtual Worlds" featuring Dave Elchoness, Executive Director of the Association of Virtual World

Ten years ago, many of us wondered why we needed the internet. We wondered why e-mail was an improvement over existing methods of communicating. Before that, we may have held on to typewriters as word processors were emerging. Virtual worlds are once again a new generation of technology. They are better because they create immersive experiences for people to share as if they were together in person. Nothing else achieves the feeling of togetherness that virtual worlds do.

In a wide ranging keynote address at the 2007 Influence Forum, ICANN CEO Paul Twomey made the bold statement that virtual worlds are the future of global commerce.

Twomey sited several examples of the virtual interfaces companies will be using in the future, in fields including retail, client services, B2B and advertising. Specifically, he cited the interface behind Google Earth as one example of a "game-like interface" that has been put to real world use with a strong geographical focus.

Dave Elchoness and his team at the Association of Virtual Worlds believe that virtual worlds represent a major information and technological revolution in how we work, play and live. The mission of the Association is to serve those companies and individuals who are dedicated to the advancement of this multi-billion dollar global industry and reach out to those who have not yet found virtual worlds.

Join us as we hear from one of the world's leading experts on the coming age of virtual worlds and the impact this will have on our own lives.

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DATE: May 5, 2008 - Monday
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TOPIC: "The Future of Virtual Worlds" featuring Dave Elchoness, Executive Director of the Association of Virtual World
SPEAKER: Dave Elchoness

SPEAKER: Dave Elchoness

Executive Director Association of Virtual Worlds

Dave Elchoness is the Executive Director of the Association of Virtual

Dave is also an experienced attorney and HR consultant. Previously, while serving as counsel to Qwest Information Technologies, he was asked to establish and manage IT vendor relations, outsourcing and offshoring functions. There, Dave witnessed the challenges faced by organizations that struggle to maintain and improve productivity and efficiency despite distance, cultural differences, and tight travel budgets.
Dave founded VRWorkplace, a virtual world consultancy, to help geographically distributed companies, educational institutions, associations, organizations, and social networks overcome the traditional obstacles that arise due to lack of interpersonal connectedness and benefit from virtual worlds. Dave's writings on virtual reality in the workplace have been published internationally. Often quoted as an expert in the field, Dave was recognized in the November 2007 issue of HR Magazine as "among the most knowledgeable virtual legal experts." Dave speaks frequently on the emergence of virtual worlds technology as an enterprise solution. He resides near Boulder, Colorado with his wife and two sons.