Council of Luminaries

Council of Luminaries 1s

“The caliber of people you surround yourself with will
have a huge impact on where you end up in life.”

Are you making plans for your next startup?

Turning brilliant ideas into workable plans and forging new businesses is hard work. Every startup requires a different formula and even the best and brightest are often reduced to feeling like amateurs when a seemingly well-executed plan comes apart at the seams.

It is moments like these when you need help. But not just any help. You need people who clearly understand what you're going through and are able to offer you sound advice.

At the DaVinci Institute, we recognize the tremendous value of surrounding yourself with remarkable people. We also know how important it is to have quick access to the right talent at the right moments in your life.

For this reason we have assembled a team that consists of some of the world's most talented visionaries and seasoned entrepreneurs. For those who are members of the DaVinci Vault, these people represent a deep pool of talent known at the Council of Luminaries.

Here's how it works.

Council Members have each agreed to spend up to 3 hours per month with people in the DaVinci Vault. Depending on your particular situation, you can either search their bios or we can recommend someone who can help.

Once you have determined which Council Member is most appropriate, we will send you the contact information to arrange a conference call or meeting.

It's that simple.

If you wish to meet with more than one Council Member per month, not a problem. Our goal is to create an efficient mentoring network with answers to questions as quickly as possible.

Here are the elite thinkers who have agreed to serve on the DaVinci Institute's Council of Luminaries:

Kevin Anderson Bestselling Author
Brian Baker UX Design Expert, Founder of The First User
Steve Baker Senior Fellow, Business Advisor and Author
Paul Bauer Senior Fellow for the DaVinci Institute – Clinical Professor of Information Technologies
Gene Branch Patent Attorney and Partner with the firm of Perkins Coie
Judith Briles Speaker, Publisher, Publishing and Speaking Coach, best-selling Author, and Founder of Author U
Dennis Bushnell Chief Scientist at NASA Langley Research Center
Lisa Calkins CEO of Amadeus Consulting
Mike Cote Editor of ColoradoBiz Magazine
Dane Coyer Former VP of IBM, President and Chief Operating Officer, Wavestate Inc.
Michael Cushman President of Key Change Institute and a Senior Fellow at the DaVinci Institute
Dixie Daly Inventor/Product Developer/Author
Rennie Davis Former Member of the Chicago Seven – Chairman of Great Turning Solutions
Sir Eric Keeney Craft Beer Documentarian, Video Producer, Homebrewer, Craft Beer Scholar
Louis Foreman Founder and Chief Executive of Eventys and CEO of Edison Nation
Thomas Franklin Intellectual Property Attorney – Kilpatrick Townsend
Mike Gionfriddo CTO and Acting President at Evergreen Energy
Susan Grafton Economic Development Manager
Enrique Gutierrez US and International Technology Sales & Business Development Executive
Janice Jensen Television Producer and Media Consultant
Dave Jilk Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of eCortex, Inc.
Charles Johnson Former President of Cessna, Chief Operations Officer of Bye Aerospace
Robert Kistner President and CEO of Energy Planning Consultants Inc.
Windham Loopesko CEO and President W. E. Loopesko & Associates, Inc.
Yvonne Lynott Co-founder and Partner in Lynott & Associates
Christine Mahoney Former TV News Anchor, Producer, Media Coach – Owner of Honk! Media
David McCloskey Founder and creator of Superstructs
Peter McLaughlin Director of Mirth™ and Innovation, Author, Professional Speaker
Michael Miller VP, COO of Engage Communication Group
Amanda Morris Johnson Screenwriter and Co-founder of The Shoot Out
Daryl Oster Founder and CEO of Inc.
Robin Peng Founder and Principle of Design Engine
Melanie Romero Founder of She-Edison and the Inventor of the SnapBagger
Patricia Ross Co-founder of Hugo House Publishers
Mike Schmidt CEO at Ensemble Ventures, LLC, Director at Velocity Innovation Partners, LLC and Council Member at CIO Colorado
Bill Shirley Executive Leadership Coach
Michael Sitarzewski Senior Fellow at the DaVinci Institute – President HyperSites – CEO
Mark Soane Managing Director Appian Ventures
Rod Stambaugh CEO, Sprout Tiny Homes
Dave Taylor Senior Fellow at the DaVinci Institute; Blogger, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator and Radio Host
Bert Vermeulen Senior Fellow at the DaVinci Institute, and the Founder of Corp21
Christie Ward Principal of The Impact Institute