The future is an incredible topic. Hollywood, science fiction, and popular culture often tell stories that paint the future in a dystopian light.  These stories serve as eye opening warnings, but at the DaVinci Institute we believe the future can be fun and exciting, and with the right education, the benefits of future technology outweigh the risks. Our cause is to provide direction and inspire the world to explore these possibilities and innovate intelligently.


The DaVinci Institute is a Nonprofit 501(c)3 Futurist Think Tank

Founded in 1997, by Internationally renown futurist, author, and keynote speaker, Thomas Frey.  The DaVinci Institute has a long standing reputation in Colorado as a powerhouse networking firm and think tank.  The company grew its popularity in the Colorado community hosting large futurist events called,  A Night with a Futurist, educational workshops called Start up Junkie Underground and the annual Inventor's Showcase.  Not only do these events establish a community of intellectuals and inventors, but they inspire great inventions and innovations. The DaVinci Institute has had a large influence in building the burgeoning tech community in Colorado. Over the last decade, Frey and his luminaries have become a trusted resource as consultants and visionaries who are constantly working to innovate and usher Colorado into a better economical future.  As a think tank, the DaVinci Institute is credited for conducting research that helped bring  the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to Denver and establishing Colorado's first Micro College/Coding Bootcamp, DaVinci Coders.

W H A T   W E   D O . . .


Night With a Futurist Events

Tomorrow's Innovations that Must be Shared

Our Signature Colorado Futurist Gathering.  Originally started by Thomas Frey, in 1997 as a platform to practice his futurist keynotes in front of a live audience, evolved into a consortium for Colorado's intellectuals, inventors and fellow futurists. The Night with a Futurist was originally held at multiple locations across the Front Range. Colorado's professionals quickly found this event a great format to network and explore ideas. Today, this monthly event is still widely popular, and continues to connect and inspire Colorado. Yes, Thomas still practices his renown keynotes at this gathering.  

Everyone is welcome to attend! Come be a part of this night of forward thinking, and have a better future.

What to expect at a Night with a Futurist...

  • Speakers will have 20-minutes tops to share their futurist innovation
  • Colorado's Top visionaries will be speaking on the future of a game changing technology.
  • There will be demonstration or interaction with a future technology
  • There will be plenty of intellectual conversations and ideas
  • Admission is FREE to our members
  • $9 for non-members

Top-5 Most Popular Night with a Futurist Events in our History...

  1. Future of Money Summit, 2003
  2. Future of Virtual Reality - by Julien Lynge, Mark Manes and UploadVR, 2015
  3. Future of Marijuana - by Jason Lauve, 2010
  4. Next Generation Nuclear Power - by John R. Grizz-Deal, 2010
  5. Space Port Colorado - by Andrew Aldrin, Dennis Heap, and Jonathan Goff -2012

Educational Workshops

Building the Future of Education

The DaVinci Institute's mission has always been to improve our education systems and these professional workshops have been our first step. Originally called Start Up Junkie Underground, now re-branded to Start Up Underground.  These small Colorado workshops quickly train professionals in necessary skills to help build their small business and start up.  They become an easier alternative to bootcamps and MOOCs.  Popular subjects include, How-to-events on social media marketing, publishing books, personal branding, resume building, crowd sourcing, photography, animation, keynote speaking, and raising start up capital.  This education model of condensed skills training quickly evolved into the more in-depth Micro College/Bootcamp format that has become DaVinci Coders.

What to expect at a Professional Workshop...

  • Top experts and instructors are brought in to teach the most up-to-date skills
  • Workshops typically last half a day (3-5 hours)
  • Admission varies based on workshop
  • Computer/programming based workshops require you to bring a laptop and download necessary programs

Top-5 Most Popular Professional Workshops in our History...

  1. Is there a Book in You? - by Judith Briles, 2003
  2. The Future of Public Funding - by Paul Donovan, 2010
  3. Playing with Ruby - by Daniel Stutzman, 2013
  4. Personal Branding Bootcamp - by Marian Rothschild, 2014
  5. eBook eVolution - by Nick Taylor, 2011


DaVinci Coders

The Fastest Way to Get into the Tech Industry

Founded in 2012 as a nonprofit subsidiary to the DaVinci Institute, the DaVinci Coders educational model was founded upon Thomas Frey's futurist observations of education and technology.  Technology is evolving at such a rapid rate that our traditional education systems can't keep up.  Every day thousands of programming jobs go unfulfilled because there isn't enough skills to fill the job market nor the education models to quickly re-train. This is the demand DaVinci Coders fulfills–training beginning-level programmers in 11-13 week intervals in the skills needed to get their start in the burgeoning Colorado tech industry.  So far the results have been astounding, DaVinci Coders has trained over 125 students and 75% of them are working in the Colorado tech industry.


CoWork at Our Denver+Boulder Think Tank

Be a Part of the Future of CoWorking in Colorado

The DaVinci Institute also operates as a CoWorking Center in Westminster, Colorado and prides itself as a central location for Colorado's tech-centric professionals such as developers, designers, and creatives to work, collaborate, meet and make their mark in the burgeoning tech scene.  Centrally located in Westminster, off of the Highway-36 corridor - our CoWorking facility operates as a catchall work space for those who would otherwise have to commute to either Boulder or Denver to be a part of the hip, start up, CoWorking community.  Throughout our time as a research center we've done studies and wrote papers on the future of working and the work space. Our objective is to use our studies to develop the ultimate Co-Working space of the future, today. 

We provide some cool CoWorking accouterments:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary Coffee/Tea
  • Cookie Friday
  • Daily discounts on our events
  • Networking activities
  • Inspirational work spaces
  • Mail delivery to long-term tenets

Along with some great amenities:

  • Large-Small Private Offices
  • Breakout Team Space
  • Conference Centers
  • Reserved Desk Space
  • Drop-in and Work Flexibility
  • Kitchen Use
  • Event Space
  • Classrooms for Rent

If you haven't heard by now - the DaVinci Institute has moved to 9191 N Sheridan Blvd. Westminster, Colorado 80031 - entire 3rd floor

If you haven't heard by now - the DaVinci Institute has moved to 9191 N Sheridan Blvd. Westminster, Colorado 80031 - entire 3rd floor

Our Colorado Headquarters

The DaVinci Institute is on top of the Denver/Metro Area and Proud to be a part of Westminster, Colorado

Westminster, Colorado is a city on the rise and it doesn't get higher than our location.  In Westminster, the DaVinci Institute is located on the highest elevation of the Denver Metro area.  The City of Westminster is in the midst of re-developing their downtown center with the addition of a new RTD station, a modernized shopping mall, and 21st century apartment living communities. We're located adjacent to these new developments - right off the Highway-36 corridor on the N. Sheridan Exit.  We're conveniently located between Denver and Boulder and provide a convenient Denver + Boulder + Westminster + Broomfield Co-Working space sans the crowds and traffic that burdens Denver/LoDo and Boulder.



Business Consulting Service

This is part of the Futurist Think Tank functionality of our mission.  The DaVinci Institute has built a good reputation as a research firm for trend forecasting, creative strategy, and building business innovation.  We work with large companies to identify key trends in business, and build strategies and plans to help organize companies to innovate and think differently about their industry.  So far, our largest success in the ViZionarium has been working with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to conduct initial research that helped bring a Patent Trademark office to Denver, Colorado. 



DaVinci Institute's Annual Inventor Showcase

Where Colorado Inventors Display their Creations

Our annual Inventor Showcase has been a large part of the Colorado Inventor scene for over 11-years.  Inventors have traveled from all corners of the country to attend this event to display their most groundbreaking idea and invention. As an inventor, the Inventor Showcase is an amazing opportunity to get noticed, create some press and enter the running for DaVinci Institute's Inventor of the Year Award, voted by our celebrity judges panel.  As an attendee, Colorado enjoys spending the day, getting a first-hand experience with some of the coolest inventions on earth.

Inventor's Showcase 2015 was held in partnership with NoCo Makers Faire in Loveland, Colorado


Research Articles | Papers | Trend Reports       

The research part of the DaVinci Institute

At the DaVinci Institute we take pride in being a futurist think tank. We are continually researching technologies and writing trend forecasts as business innovation consultants for large companies and government organizations around the world.  We immerse ourselves in our forecasts, business research to separate myths and fantasies from tangible ideas that work in the more immediate future so we can evolve into tomorrow. Read our futurist concept papers produced by the Institute.


History of the DaVinci Institute



F  U  T  U  R  E     P  R  O  J  E  C  T  S



The Futurist Hall of Fame

An ode to the great visionaries of the past and present

As a futurist think tank we owe a lot of our present and our future to the past.  This hall is a commemoration of Futurists of the past, present and future. Futurists have long been the bastions of innovation throughout the history of humanity, and as we travel through the time we owe our technological progression to these great giants of invention. The Futurist Hall of Fame is the first of its kind and seeks to honor the great futurists, and those who moves humanity with their mind, their vision and unmatched inspiration. 

Nominees for theinaugural class of 2016 will be announced shortly





Museum of Future Inventions

We're taking the traditional museum model and turning it on its head.

In the spirit of the legendary World's Fair of the 19th century, we've submitted a proposal to the City of Westminster to create a Museum of the Future. Imagine a central place where the world can explore and interact with the technology of the future, and a center where innovative companies can introduce their most cutting edge inventions.  We think the emerging tech hub that is Colorado is a perfect location to make this happen.  If you want to learn more and be a part of this exciting project, please contact us


The Global Language Archive

A place where we can preserve dying cultures and language.

In 2014, Thomas Frey proposed this ambitious project during a popular keynote in New Zealand.  The idea of building a Global Language Archive would preserve thousands of dying languages around the world.  This initiative was so compelling that we are currently working with a team of experts to develop this archive.  We are currently at the beginning stages of this project. If you wish to get involved, please contact us.